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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Snake Oil revisted.

A while ago, I did a theoretical editorial brief regarding counterfit medicine. This was my original design:
I have since then visited it and used the original image as a basis to do some experimentation. So here is my experiment, I tried my hand at quilling. Turns out I'm shocking at it and could definitely use some practice but it was actually really fun to do and a good way to get me back into being at uni.
And here it is again photographed against my light box in the dark =)
And that's all for now folks.
Got a lot on my plate at the moment with dissertation research, critical diary and two portfolios to construct so posting might be even more scarce than it already is. Hoping to post some things from my painting module soon as I'll need to photograph them for my digital portfolio, so stay tuned for that.
Have a great week =) xx